Kelly Services – Corporate Account – NY & NJ



My first transaction with Kelly Services, Inc. was during the internet boom in 2000.  We survived Y2K, but I was not sure if I would survive not successfully completing a requirement for Kelly Services.  A Fortune 500 with credit wasn’t being considered as a viable tenant, because downtown Manhattan only wanted internet companies.  In frustration, as a new broker I called the Vice Chairman of Newmark, William “Billy” Cohen and he didn’t know me, but before I could blink, he graciously returned my call and a lease was being consummated at 90 Williams Street with Peter Newman.  I’m forever grateful to Mr. Cohen, because I went from the brink of being fired to completing several transactions for Kelly Services. 

The most notable being around 9/11 at 237 Park Ave.  My client was losing potential customers to other temp agencies in central business districts. I had to remedy this situation. I surmised that if my client leased space at the base of a tower and avoided the elevator banks, this would prevent access to the elevators and other temp. agencies housed at the same location.  It worked and Kelly Services started to implement this wherever they could around the Country in central business districts.

When Jonathan is working a deal with you, you truly believe that he has your best interests at heart. He has always been willing to go above and beyond what is traditionally expected from a broker. Jonathan is a true representation of the type of services corporations can expect from NAI. We appreciate the focus and attention both Jonathan and the NAI team provided. A job well done!”
Carolyn Hallanger
  • Kelly Services’ Lease Administrator